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» Caupona Pompeii Restaurant

Via Masseria Curato, 2 – 80045 Pompei (NA) – Tel 081-18557911


Caupona Restaurant: a meeting of senses on the traces of the past.

Traveling through time with perfectly reproduced settings and a menu based on Roman-era recipes.

Experience the emotion in a “Caupona” (tavern) of ancient Pompeii, the first themed restaurant in Europe, where the magnificence and meticulousness of the faithfully reproduced frescoes make it seem like you are in Pompeii, exactly on Via dell’Abbondanza 2000 years ago.
The mission is to bring back to life dishes from ancient Rome, proposing distant flavors, using excellent raw materials, preserving the taste of the Mediterranean, based on interesting contrasts and bold combinations, in a unique setting a stone’s throw from the ruins of Pompeii (from some glimpses it is possible to admire the archaeological site).
All this, among terracotta dishes, staff in costume, and ancient music… An emotion that goes beyond the senses… the reconstruction of the past involves not only sight but also taste.

A location of incredible suggestion a few steps from the archaeological excavations, where frescoes of domus, villas and shops of Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabia have been recreated from an idea by Nello Petrucci and Francesco Di Martino. A work that lasted months that led to the creation of a space where you can touch and live inside a very plausible ancient environment. To welcome the visitor a porticoed atrium with the Herculaneum frescoes of the Ad Cucumas shop and the wall inscriptions of the house of Lucretius Frontone, on wooden tables terracotta dishes reproduce ancient forms such as kylix and kantharos.

In the gastronomic offer dishes reworked from ancient recipes, fruit of a careful and long study on literary sources and archaeological remains.
So you taste panis siligineus and panis cibarius, strictly cut into wedges as was customary in antiquity, you are welcomed with a sweet and soft Frictilia Liberalia, the first mensae consists of quail seared in a pan with honey and eggs, to accompany chickpea soup is garum sauce with which dishes were flavored and of which Pompeii was a great producer; to accompany everything is Mulsum wine sweetened with honey, pepper and ginger.

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