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» La Locanda della Pasta di Gragnano

Via Nuova S. Leone, 2 – 80054 Gragnano (NA) – Tel 081-8013591


A unique, particular, certainly intense project is born: in a beautiful 19th century Palace, in the Heart of ancient Gragnano, the historic world Capital of Pasta, we have created a magnificent restaurant-museum structure of great charm and beauty… La Locanda della Pasta di Gragnano!!!
An authentic “Theater of Taste” set in the fantastic uncontaminated context of the Lattari Mountains that reflect happily on the Gulf of Sorrento, where for over 500 years tourism has been told and lived healthily, with a gastronomy linked to a deep culture of the territory, where food represents a perfect lifestyle.

The visitor, as if by magic, becomes the protagonist of the ancient story of wonderful times, where in its extreme simplicity food was understood as a magical convivial moment, and sublime personal gratification, almost like a magical ritual… satisfying all the senses, witnessed in a fantastic way by the many frescoes depicted in the excavations of Pompeii and Stabia a few km from Gragnano, as well as by the stories of illustrious poets who in their famous manuscripts have narrated for centuries …the immeasurable pleasure of tasting unique delicacies of the table, in our wonderful lands, where the sweet microclimate, thanks to the embrace of the winds and the sea, has attracted international tourism for centuries.
Entering the Inn, it’s like going back in time by 200 years! The first steps move in a fantastic and welcoming ShowRoom where, among very selected high quality products of the territory, an extraordinary Museum of white art comes to life… with all the ancient tools of the Pasta makers of Gragnano of the 19th century!!! To complete an almost breathtaking vision, a beautiful late nineteenth century iron chandelier that graces the room with its warm lights in a suggestive emotion! The gaze is then completely attracted by a rare collection of objects on Peasant Art and Wine, where every small utensil tells of Great Secrets that have made famous the wine goodness of our places. In a crescendo of suggestions and emotions, you then enter the fantastic nineteenth-century room of the Inn, where past meets future, in a perfect mix of gastronomic proposals from traditional Italian cuisine, of very high quality, with chefs always ready to amaze with intoxicating proposals, all born from very selected quality products that represent the territory! Between appetizers prepared and made with products directly from the garden of the Inn, and first courses with Precious Artisanal Pasta from Gragnano PGI, passing through proposals for the best meats in the butcher-grill corner, to end with delicious pizzas made with gently leavened dough, guests just have to build their tasting path… unique… as never done before!
In addition to the nineteenth-century room that provides about 300 seats, for those who want to cheer up with the beautiful microclimate of the famous Valley of Mills, can enjoy the outdoor terrace, with about 250 seats, which gives right at the entrance to the historic and uncontaminated Valley, with a sparkling and pure air!

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